Michelle L. Jobert, DVM, CVA, CVSMT, CVCH
Thank goodness for Dr. Jobert and her expertise in acupuncture and chiropractic work! She has a quiet way with horses, as one of mine is not a real people person, let's just say, and Dr. Jobert has been fabulous with him! I am a Grand Prix competitor and trainer, and she has not only helped my Grand Prix horse, Martailo, stay comfortable, but she has also helped my young horse, Windsor, through some tough injuries that young horses like to do to themselves! She is patient and kind, is always willing to help in any way she can, and has always followed up with a phone call to ask how the horses are doing. As a professional trainer, this type of work ethic and professionalism is very important to me.

I absolutely cannot express how helpful chiropractic and/or acupuncture work has been for my horses, and the horses of my clients. I like to have Dr. Jobert check my horses a few times a year, even if I don't feel there is a "problem", per se. I know that performance horses work hard, and when you have one with a good work ethic (as I have been very fortunate to have two of them), they deserve a little checkup here and there to keep them comfortable. Sometimes these horses are stoic enough to not tell us that they need a little help. It is our responsibility to be educated and aware, and to do what we need to do to keep our equines happy and healthy. Further, when there has been any sort of true injury involved, after calling my vet, Dr. Jobert is the first person I call to come in and save the day, as a vet and chiropractor/acupuncturist working together is a wonderful and productive thing, and I can truly attest to how much faster the horses seem to heal when both eastern AND western medicines are used together!  I can also tell you that I have personally found that when I get my saddle reflocked periodically (every six to twelve months, depending on the age and development of the horse), that I also call Dr. Jobert, because if the saddle wasn't fitting perfectly, that means that their backs may be a little sore or "out of whack" as well. These horses work hard for us, and they deserve the best. For me, Dr. Jobert has truly stepped up to the plate and been there for me any time I ever needed her. She is well educated and a DVM- which I think is very important. She is patient, kind, and also fun to be around! It makes a good experience for everyone, whether it's a "touch up" that she's doing or addressing a serious problem. I trust her implicitly."

Tracey Winter
Tranquillity Dressage, LLC

Image courtesy of Phelps Photo

Trolito is an 8 year old French poodle, extremely active, but very sensitive. One Saturday afternoon, we noticed that he was not walking normally. By the next day he could not stand up. We rushed him to a veterinarian, where they told us he had no deep sensation in his hind legs. They only gave him a 10% chance to walk again if he went through a $5,000 operation and was treated with cortisone. We got a second opinion, but it was as bad as the first. At this point, we considered euthanasia, but some friend told us to consider physical therapy and acupuncture before taking such harsh measures. We called Dr. Jobert, and she gave us some hope. After examining and becoming friends with Trolito, she recommended a treatment plan. After six weeks of treatment, Trolito was back on his feet and moving freely around the house. Now he is 95% recovered and has been so for over three months. We are very happy to have our sweet and active dog back. I believe Michelle is Trolito's personal guardian angel. Without her, he would not be with us today.

Thank you very much, The Arribas Family.


Dr. Jobert has truly been a miracle worker for my 29-year old horse, Summer
Solstice. Dr. Jobert began applying acupuncture techniques to Solstice
approximately 2 years ago, after she began having serious joint and ligament
problems in her legs and developed Cushings disease. In the past two years, Solstice's legs have improved. The Cushings problem has been resolved, and
Solstice seems to be in a reverse-aging process! Thanks to Dr. Jobert,
Solstice looks healthier and stronger with each month that goes by.



I have three dogs training and competing in multiple dog sports including agility, obedience, sheep herding and tracking. Dr. Michelle Jobert sees my dogs regularly to ensure that they are kept in tip-top condition and are able to perform successfully at the top levels of competition. Thanks to Dr. Michelle's knowledge and skill, my 10 1/2 year old Border Collie, Arrow, is not only still capable of competing, but places consistently at the top of her classes. I feel very comfortable recommending Dr. Michelle Jobert to you in order to maintain or enhance your pet's quality of life.

Rachel Tabor Flatley
Owner of Pawsitively Fun Dog Training Group